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Co-ops Vote


As the nation gears up for another general election in November, Sumner-Cowley and electric cooperatives across the heartland have launched their own campaign—an effort to promote civic engagement and voter participation in the communities they serve.

The nationwide campaign, called Co-ops Vote, was announced during the 74th annual meeting of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) earlier this year. The objective of the campaign is to encourage participation in the political process by keeping members informed about how to get and stay involved in local, state and national elections.

“We understand that the levels of political interest vary from person to person,” said Jared McIntire, Director of Member Services. “This campaign is designed to help our members become aware of the political process, how to register and when and where to vote.”

The Co-ops Vote initiative will focus on issues that are important to the health and prosperity of electric cooperatives and the communities they serve.

Electric cooperatives like Sumner-Cowley utilize a democratically-based business model and are perfectly designed to encourage civic engagement and to help address important issues that affect electric utility rates, the livelihood of Kansans, quality of life and the rural economy.

Getting involved early in Kansas politics is essential. “Primary elections provide voters to have their voices hear as well as the chance to get to know the candidates,” McIntire said. “The primaries also play a key role in shaping the final platforms of the major candidates in the November election.”

This year, the final day for Kansans to register to vote in the primary is July 12 and primaries will be held in on August 2.

Prior to the primary election, citizens can do the following to learn about the candidates in their districts:

• Research candidates online. Both the Republican and Democrat parties have pages for each local candidate on their state websites. This will provide information about the candidates, including their experience and thoughts about main issues.
• When a candidate comes to your door, be prepared to ask about issues important to you. If he/she doesn’t visit you, call the candidate.
• Attend local candidate forums. A new website,, offers co-op members information about the voter registration process in their states, dates of elections, information about the candidates running in those elections, and explanations of the key issues the campaign aims to address. In keeping with its non-partisan goals, the initiative will not be endorsing specific candidates for office.


Important Primary Election Dates:

July 12              Voter registration closes 5:00 p.m. 

August 2           Primary Election

Important General Election Dates:

October 18       Voter registration closes 5:00 p.m.

November 8      General Election


If you have any questions about the Co-ops Vote program, how to become a registered voter or the voting process, please contact Jared at You can also reach Jared at Sumner-Cowley headquarters by calling (888) 326-3356.





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